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Series Synopsis:

Anokye, the truth of destiny, is action adventure 2D animation that introduces the world to its first TV African super hero. Our heroes battle to unite the clans with each other and live in harmony with nature. A misunderstood magician and a disillusioned Prince separately battle against fates destined by others, but once they meet they try to use magic and wisdom to, defeat their oppressors and save the sacred forest. The story is based on the creation of the Asante Kingdom in 17th century Ghana. (Via Website)

I stumbled upon this series and I’m very excited about its development and completion. For those of us who loved Kirikou and have been longing for more African animated films and series, here is one I feel has a lot of promise. It’s on Nim Street seeking donations to complete the pilot. We can do much better than the pledge amount I see on the site. So, support. The pictures in the photoset are sketches of some of the series’s characters. The final picture is of the creator of the series, Akua Ofosuhene.

Check out the site, trailer, and donate.

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Hugh Jackman Fought to Show You His Naked Ass



I land back in 1973 - this is what the script says - I wake up next to a girl who I don’t remember, and I get out of bed wearing boxer shorts. I was like, ‘I don’t know about America, but in Australia if you’re next to a really good looking girl, you’re not getting out with boxer shorts on or briefs or anything.’ So yeah, I went commando. […]

They bought a bright green sock for me to wear and I was like, this is kinda drawing more attention than less. They said no, we need bright green, like a green screen, so if you bend over or turn around, and we need to erase anything, we can. I said that’s even weirder. They said please put it on, but the end of the first take I was like ‘Ermm, it’s gone, I don’t know where it is.’”

I just gonna leave this here

Bless this man.

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